NBA’s “Shooting Guards”

November 15, 2009

The NBA has an amazing array of talent at it’s shooting guard position. Most pull of jumpers, hit fadeaways and even take it strong to the basket. Nonetheless, they are sometimes secondary ball-handlers and facilitators of the offense. The great play at this position is critical for a team to do well through out the regular season. Now, my top 5 shooting guards n the NBA are…

Kobe Bryant1) Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers, #24: Along with the reigning MVP of the League, LeBron James, he is arguably the best player in the NBA. With his strength, athleticism and deadly jumpshot, Kobe Bryant is not doubt one of the most feared NBA players around. With his Hall of Fame resume, fantastic work ethic and collection of great teammates, it will be no surprise if Kobe wins his Fifth ring by the time June is over.

Dwayne Wade2)Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat, #3: In the shadow of one of the best Draft Classes in NBA history (2003), Wade was over shadowed by his star counterparts in LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony (picks 1 and 3 respectively) . Although he was not the most celebrated of the NBA draftees, Wade does has one thing the Lebron and Carmelo are anxiously feasting for: An NBA Championship.  Even though his cast is not as supportive as the 2006 Championship squad, with Dwayne Wade, healthy, the Heat can go far.

Brandon Roy3) Brandon Roy, Portland Trailblazers, # 7: One of the rising superstars int the league. He is the leader of his young ball club and a solid scorer. He has the great touch on the perimeter and he can definitely take it to the basket if he needs to. He’s a perennial All-Star and one of the premier players in the league. With the solid addition of Andre Miller at the point guard position and Greg Oden finally healthy, the Trailblazers will go far with Roy leading the charge.

Joe Johnson4)Joe Johnson, Atlanta Hawks, #2: Another consistent all-star on an up-and-coming basketball team. Joe is an amazing scorer and facilitator on the offense. He sees the court and can set up and alley-op to his teammates or step back and drain a trey. The Hawks have a talented group of young players who have a few years of experience under their belts now. With “Joe Smooth” in the passenger seat and the great addition of scoring machine Jamal Crawford off the bench, the Hawks are going to drive themselves into the playoffs and make some noise to some unexpected teams.

80391806EG043_CLEVELAND_CAV5)Ray Allen, Boston Celtics, #20: The most lethal 3-point shooter in the NBA today. He is second all-time in 3-point field goals made and is on pace to surpass the current all-time leader in threes made, Reggie Miller. Even though his numbers have deflated the last fews seasons, primarily due to his unselfishness and , he is still regarded as one of the best at his position in the game. With the addition of Rasheed Wallace, Kevin  Garnett healthy, the captain (Paul Pierce) on track and Rajon Rondo becoming a star, the Celtics are sure favorites to come out the East and Win it all.

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NBA’s “Wing-Men”

October 4, 2009

In the NBA, there are players who are needed to help out in the front court. Whether that means grabbing a few rebounds, blocking some shots or even intimidating players from attempting to come near the basket, wing players, better known as Small Forwards, are also asked to score and dish out a few assists. A team with a solid defending wing player is always posied to have a great season. Speaking of Small Forwards, here are a list of the top five Small Forwards, in my opinion, in the league today.

LeBron James1) LeBron James,  Cleveland Cavaliers, #23: Arguably the best player in NBA. He has the entire package: Scoring, Rebounding, Assists, Steals, Blocks and an dominant force (He lead his entire team in all those categories by the way). He is a mismatch for the defense because of his solid 6′ 8″, 250 lb frame. He will chase you down from the other end of the court and swat your shot attempt.  There is nothing won’t do for his team to give them the opportunity to win. With a sensational aquisition of Shaquille O’Niel a few months ago and excellent pick ups, the LeBron Led Cavaliers have one thing on their mind: Winning the NBA Title.

Carmelo Anthony2) Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets, #15: Carmelo Anthony is an underrated defender and rebounder. People see his scoring and basically that’s it. He proved to everyone in the playoffs that he is much more than a scorer. He can defend the best of the best and let them know that he cannot be manhandled by anyone in the league. His defensive prowess might not be his “highlighted” attribute as in a Shane Battier, but when he is focused, he is tough to get rid of. Rebounding is another key area he gets no respect in. With a determined Carmelo, The Nuggets will return to the Western Conference Finals and eventually to the NBA Finals.

Stephen Jackson3) Stephen Jackson, Golden State Warriors, #1: An extraordinary player on a not so extraordinary team. Jackson changed his image a few years ago when the 8th seeded Warriors demolished the Top overall seeded Dallas Mavericks. There is a reason why they call him captain Jack and it is because of his leadership and hard work.  He averaged over 20 points,  over 6 assits and over 5 rebounds. There were rumors around the league that Jackson wanted to be traded, however, if Jackson does remain a Warrior, he can lead this young group of talented players to at least fight for the 8th seed in the ever competitive Western Conference.

Shane Battier4) Shane Battier, Houston Rockets, #31: The best one-on-one defender in the NBA. He is not flashy or as flamboyant as most of the other stars in the NBA, but he is efficient. He is a much stronger, quickier and beter scorer than the retired Bruce Bowen of the San Antonio Spurs. If left open, he will drill a three pointer. He has had many difficult assignments on defense and has been successful the majority of the time. If the Rockets are healty and the rotation is solid, the Rockets can also compete for a playoff spot.

Danny Granger5) Danny Granger, Indiana Pacers, #33:One the rising stars in NBA. He made his 1st All-Star appearance last season and he is sure to have more in the upcoming seasons. He has a sick shooting stroke and knocks downs threes like he sleeping. Only Rashard Lewis of the Orlando magic hit more three pointers. He is a great defender and a prolific scorer. He can help Indiana sneak into the playoffs and even upset a team in the first round of the playoffs (with the team being healthy ofcourse).

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NBA’s “Commander in Chief”

October 4, 2009

Hey everyone!!! This being my first blog and all, let’s just say that I want to make a SLAM DUNK!!! Anyway, no more small talk. I am just a ordinary guy who loves the game so much that I live and breathe the game (funky armpit smell, but it’s reasonable). As a person who knows so much about all aspects of the game, let me say that I will now list the top 5 players of the game, by position, based on efficiency and value to their ball club. In this portion of my blog, I will list Point Guards, the “leaders” and “captains” of their teams who orchestrate how everything flows and dictate the tempo of the game. Finally, without me blubbering here so much, the list of the top 5 players based on their positions…starting with…

Point Guards

6a00d8341c630a53ef010536367525970c-800wi1) Chris Paul, New Orleans Hornets, #3: Without question the most talented and extremely difficult point guard in League. He is a walking double double, averaging at least 20 points and 10 assist in the past two seasons. He is also one of the greatest, if not the best, on the ball defenders at his position. With Chris Paul steering the wheel down there in New Orleans and the new addition of Rebounding Fiend Emeka Okafor, the Hornets are once again set to be contenders for Western Conference title.

Steve Nash2)Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns, #13: The 2-time NBA MVP is now 35, however, his game does not show any sign of that. He is the Suns’ most intriguing player with his amazing shooting ability with another 50,40,90 season ( at least 50% from the field, 40% from the arc and 90% from the line).  Although he is now 35 years old, which is grandpa age in the NBA, he has an abundance of three-point shooting, clutch shots and razzle-dazzle plays still left in him. Most people might question if he has “enough left in the tank,” I believe that he has enough to help the Suns secure a playoff spot before he reached empty.

Tony Parker3)Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs, #9: The most underrated point guard in the NBA. His amazing ability to penetrate to the basket and score with contacts makes you think “Damn! This is a grand joueur (great player).” He had a solid campaign last season with that memorable double-nickel game scoring 55 points and dishing out 10 dimes. Those numbers were similar to someone that is not known all over the world and not known to popularize the game it self, some people might know him by the name of Michael Jordan, heard of him? Spurs are going to contend again for the Western Conference title and the NBA title with Parker at the helm.

Deron Williams4)Deron Williams, Utah Jazz, #8: A point guard who is not as popular as his counter part in Chris Paul, but just as effective and threatening. Deron Williams has the strength to take most guys off the dribble and is quick enough to take on anyone to basket and might even have a highlight dunk (Sorry Diogu). When left open, he will drill a three pointer and make you wish you weren’t the one guarding him. Although it is though playing in a competitive Western Conference, but with a healthy squad, the Deron Williams led Jazz can make some noise this upcoming season.

Gilbert Arenas5)Gilbert Arenas, Washington Wizards, #0: This choice was a though one. Looking at the point guards in the league now, Agent zero, if healthy, is always going to be a top five point guard. Now I use the word healthy lightly. I love Gilbert Arenas as a ball player, he has one of  the most deadliest shots you can think of and has destroyed foes with it and won several games for his team, as well. His health is my only concern and with training camp already underway, Gilbert Arenas is going to show us, the fans in particularly, that he is back to his All-Star-Clutch shooting self. With a healthy core ( him, Jamison and Butler) and solid additions in the off season, the Washington Wizards are sleepers in the east and can cause some havoc for the big-three (Boston, Cleveland and Orlando)

There will be a few more Point Guards on this list, but I want to hear your opinions and critics about my selections.  All comments are accepted…Just the fact that you viewed my blog is heart-pleasing!

Hello world!

October 2, 2009

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